Private Golf Instruction, Seattle, with Doug McDonald

Over 27 Years Private Golf Instruction Experience

  • Private golf range and/or golf course lessons
  • Best teacher in the Seattle area (Seattle Post Intelligencer, 2001)
  • Golf advice column, learn from other's questions or ask your own
  • Home On the Range—instant analysis and correction manual for golf range practice
  • How to buy custom golf clubs
Private Golf Lessons, Seattle: teaching philosophy: STUDENT—SET AGENDA - My student decides what golf shot is driving them the most crazy—the one that’s keeping them from their goals—and that's what we spend the hour on. That way we are always attacking their biggest golf game issues. Maybe it's hooking or pulling with their irons, slicing off the tee, topping their fairway woods, or maybe it's a general lack of distance with all their golf clubs.

Golf Teaching Credentials: referred to as the best teacher in the Seattle area by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Doug McDonald has been teaching golf in the Northwest for over 27 years. Doug also authored the golf instruction book, Home on the Range, The Complete Practice Guide for the Golf Range, which has been called, ". . . the most complete guide to golf on the market today," by Inside Golf.

Expert Golf Advice Column: Doug McDonald's online golf advice column answers questions in categories such as: Short Game, Hitting Fat, Shots to the Left/Right, Short Game, Trouble Shots and many more. Browse the questions by others to get answers to improve your golf game, or ask your question.

Home On the Range is your new Golf Range handbook, described by GOLF Magazine as ". . .a run-of-the-range collection of tips, from the basics to solutions for specific problems. Well organized. . .the Faults & Fixes sections are personalized by McDonald’s use of real people and their mistakes to demonstrate what’s wrong and how to fix it."

How to Buy Custom Golf Clubs: Doug McDonald details his years of experience regarding why one should consider buying custom-fitted equipment, what to look for, and how to buy custom golf clubs.